An Aquatic Life.....

My love for the ocean probably started before I could walk.  My father being a surfer and my mother being the beach bunny waiting for him on the shore, and me their offspring.  Being a water child, I always wished I could live under the sea in it's wonderland of differences from the surface.  I found the closest I could get to this was snorkeling.  In essence, becoming an alien being floating at the top of a foreign world.  Below are some recent images taken from this aquatic world....

Giant Sea Clam
(tridacna gigas)

Bubble Anenome
(entacmaea quadricolor)

"Giant Crossways"
Giant Grouper & Giant Trevally
(epinephelus lanceolatus) (caranx ignobilis)

Hawaiian Red Lionfish
(pterois sphex)

"Coral Forest"
Scroll Coral
(turbinaria peltata)

"Legendary Arow"
Asian Red Arowana
(scleropages legendrei)

"Seal Serenity"
Hawaiian Monk Seal
(monachus schauinslandi)

"Silver Seal"


Inhale A Gardenia.....

I found my "Immortal" flower in this beautiful gardenia treasury. Gardenias are quite special to me. My grandfather has a sizable plant in our yard that is probably older than I am. When they are blooming like wild, he will daily place freshly plucked and washed flowers in strategic vases throughout the house so around every corner you bump into the lovely fragrance of gardenia. The gardenia in "Immortal" is one of his gardenias. I plan to have a gardenia tattoo done in honor of him in the near future.

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