Lady Apples....

Lady Apples I
Walking in the market, I spotted these adorable miniature apples called 'Lady Apples'.  How fitting, being they were so dainty and pretty.  My first curiosity aimed at how something so small would taste, my second wanted to put them in front of my camera.

Miniatures fascinate me....one of the reasons why I am an avid fan of Alice In Wonderland...and even more so if they are nature made.  Unfortunately, my tastebuds were not as impressed as my visual sense.  They were sweet but rather bland.....my palate is partial to a tart cortland or braeburn apple.

Lady Apples II


Artful Eyed Females In Spring....

The fPOE slideshow is up for March, the theme was roadtrip.....

March 2011 Slideshow - Female Photographers of Etsy
from Art By Amarose on Vimeo.

and I thought I would throw in February's slideshow, since it was my first time participating in the fPOE monthly slideshows. The theme was kids & animals....my Violet Sky made a cameo appearance in one of mine :0)

February 2011 Female Photographers of Etsy Slideshow
from Art By Amarose on Vimeo.


In The Beginning....

I intend for this space to become a playground for my creativity.  A place for me to organize the chaos that swims in my head.  Where all the light bulb ideas that are awaiting to be harvested like ripe fruit on a vine.....can be gathered, sorted, and applied. 

My mission in life right now is to find a creative yet lucrative way to earn a living.  I want to create something that someone else needs to possess...needs to have in their life, and enhance it in it's own way.  The blessing and curse of it is, I'm a jack of most creative trades.  There are many avenues for me to explore....writing included.  So finding that magical niche item(s) has become my El Dorado, so to speak.  

Along with my photography which is my main attraction....I intend to experiment with drawing, watercolor, paper making, novelty egg baby dolls, embellished frames & mats, inventive stationery & possibly T-shirts, adult cards, and a little paper mache for good measure.  They shall all be explored in their own due time, it all depends on when my creativity wants to dive in....but the seeds have been planted.

My first blog....my first post....and so the quest begins.....