About The Artist

Alia Fernandez

I was born on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Being the child of two artistic parents I was raised drawing, painting, and experimenting with other mediums.  My father is a surfer, so I basically grew up on the beach which fostered a love for nature above and below the water.  I was also an avid bookworm, and that added the fuel to my imagination, creativity, and my need to know.....to learn. 

I have lived in several distant places and met many different people.....and all the while taking mental pictures to go along with the memories.....the experiences, I feel fortunate to have had.  For a hobby I had dabbled in, I felt it was time to take capturing visual moments to the next level.  I could feel a shift in my creativity....and wherever it leads me, so shall I follow.  So I dove in, invested in a camera, and set my eye loose on the world around me.  I also waded through the science and physics.  From daylight and macro, to shadow and focus.  Anything to get what I see in my view finder to reflect how my eye is seeing it right then and there.  Now at 33, I am very pleased with the fruits of my labor and I keep improving everyday.

My daily life is quite simple.  I am a new mom of a 18 month old little girl named Violet Sky.  She has been my greatest creation, and she is my inspiration, hence the name of my shop.  So when I'm not chasing her around, I am busy shooting, editing, listing, and trying to expand my little endeavor into a bigger one.  I feel it is my purpose to show the world the beauty of life through my own vision.

Violet Sky