Where The Wild Things Grow.,....

Around the corner from my house I found a wild patch of jungle growing along and behind a wire fence.  My eyes had a field day exploring this macro world of vines, flowers, and leaves, and the shots I got that day was well worth the humidity and mosquito bites I endured.

I find when I venture into botanicals I feel compelled to scientifically identify my photo subjects, so I have included their common and scientific names along with their titles......

'The Underside'
Pink Spotted Hawkmoth Caterpillar
(agrius cingulata)

'Blush Stroke'
 Bay Bean Flower
(canavalia rosea)

'Rain Catchers'
Bay Bean Flower
(canavalia rosea)

'Botanical Bosom'
Bay Bean Flower
(canavalia rosea)

'Wild Apparition'
Ivy Gourd Flower
(coccinea grandis)

Flora's Paintbrush
(emilia sonchifolia)

'Lauri Flora'
Blue Trumpet Vine Flowers
(thunbergia laurifolia)

'Minty Periwinkle'
Blue Trumpet Vine Flower
(thunbergia laurifolia)

'Tiny Glory'
Little Bell Flower
(ipomoea triloba)

'The Jeweled Star'
Obscure Morning Glory Flower
(ipomoea obscura)

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